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Using Hashtags On Social Media

Why you should be Using Hashtags on Social Media.

Today people use hashtags on pretty much every post whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networking sites. If you would do some research and really see the number of people using hashtags you will find that using hashtags on social media has changed the way people post or tweet. Most people know what hashtags are and how to make them, but there are still those who don’t even know anything about them, you would probably say “it is the easiest thing ever”.

A Brief History on Hashtags

According to the Wikipedia, “A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign (“#”). ”

I want to stop right there and say that the following would no longer be considered as a hashtag.


You are probably wondering why I say that this isn’t considered a hashtag, well simply because there should be a space in between and should be like follows to be considered as 2 separate hashtags.

#ilovepizza #pizzanightwithfriends

These began in order to group conversations or topic on twitter. As of today it is even more than just using theme as a label.

Using Hashtags on Social Media

I always wondered if there could be a bigger purpose for using hashtags and come to find out there is! Not only myself, but many digital marketers have realized and have been advising other marketers to use these to grab the targeted audience and drive them to their websites.

According to Jonathan Crossfield,

Hashtags present a fantastic opportunity for content marketers to identify social media conversations relevant to their business and get their content in front of the right people.

And I totally agree with him on this, because using hashtags for this purpose is a great opportunity in itself to grow your network and get that audience.

Today, many marketers are using hashtags on social media to engage with the public and take conversations to the next level. So what is the take away? Well if you aren’t using hashtags on social media to take your conversations about your company and products to the next level, then now is a good time to start!

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