Traveling to Japan – Expensive? It doesn’t have to be.

For the past 3 years, I’ve had the chance to visit several places in Japan. We haven’t made our way up to Tokyo yet, but we’ll get there, eventually.

I grew up wanting to visit Japan but didn’t know when or how that was going to happen. Now, I can say that it was partially from hard work, while the other part was scouting for awesome airfare and lodging deals.

You see, Japan doesn’t have to be expensive for travelers. If you’re coming from the Philippines or other Asia countries, like us, you can score awesome airfare deals with Cebu Pacific.

For most, if not all, of our trips to Japan, we’ve only paid around Php 13,000 for 2 round-trip tickets. For our hotel/AirBnb, we usually spend around Php 10,000 for 4-5 nights, for 2 people. And, we usually get plane tickets and hotel 4-6 months before so that by the time we leave, we’ve already paid them off and start saving up for the other expenses.

(If you have a Philippine Passport, you’ll need to secure a Japan Visa.)

If you ask me, that isn’t bad at all. I know people who are able to get cheaper airfare and cheaper hotels.

The best part about any of our trips – the Food!!! I’m a #Foodie, and if you don’t believe me, check out my Instagram profile. Japan has great food to offer, and again, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Don’t be fooled that the food is expensive. It’s like any other place, you have restaurants that serve the same food for 2x or 3x the price. We usually just spend around JPY 2,000 (Php 1,000) per meal for 2 people. That’s just about the same price you’d spend for a good meal in Metro Manila. And that JPY 2,000 can be for a restaurant inside the mall or a restaurant on a side street.

For most trips, even for other countries, we do a simple breakfast (coffee and bread), a good lunch and dinner (rice meal, Ramen or similar).

Breakfast usually costs around JPY 1,000 (Php 500) for 2 people, that’s already having a sausage egg muffin and coffee at McDonald’s. If you go to a local bakery and grab coffee from 7/11 or Lawson’s, you can save even more.

Lunch is usually around JPY 2,000 (Php 1,000) for 2 people, which is usually a bowl of Ramen, each around JPY 800-950 (Php 400-475) and sometimes Gyoza that we share JPY 350 (Php 175).

Dinner is mostly similar in pricing to lunch, we just try other things like the set meals that includes some side dishes, rice, chicken and miso soup. So, around JPY 2,000 (Php 1,000) for 2 people.

Per day, that’d be around JPY 5,000 or Php 2,500. If you’re in Japan for 4 days, that’s Php 10,000 – for 2 people.

Airfare, hotel and food, you’d be at Php 33,000 for 2 people (Php 16,500 per person) .

You’d need to include transportation money and pocket money for entrance fees and other stuff you’d want to do.

Round that off and have the Php 3,500 as pocket money for transportation and etc., you’d be needing a total of about Php 20,000. And that’s for the 4 day trip, all included.

That’s actually cheaper than visiting some places in the Philippines! Now, don’t get me wrong, I support local as much as I can. But seriously, if you can get better deals than why pass on them?

So what are you waiting for? Start searching for those awesome deals and planning for your own trip to Japan! Check out Cebu Pacific for airfare promos and Klook.com for activity and other promos and packages.

Traveling to Japan is fun, fun, FUN!!!

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