Tools for SEO

Tools for SEO and Optimizing for Conversions

Every online business is looking to get the best results. Good SERP ranks are one but the other one that most, if not all, are really wanting are conversions. Business owners are constantly trying hard to get their product/service sold but the problem is that not all really understand or know how to reach that specific goal of converting website users into customers.

I’ve gathered several different tools for on-page SEO analysis, website traffic & analytics, competitor research & analysis, social media engagement and etc. I’ve also included tools in this post that are specifically for conversion optimization – optimizing to get users converted into customers. Hope this list of different tools for SEO and conversion optimization help you guys out. Cheers!

Tools for SEO

These tools below are mostly free, though some have paid options if you want more features. Most of them are pretty popular and well-known but there are a few that I’ve included that aren’t too popular.

For Keyword Research: Google AdWords Keyword Planner

For Checking Content: Siteliner (Find Duplicate Content, Broken Links & More)

For Technical On-Page SEO: Google Search Console, SEOChat SEO Tools

For Inbound Links: Backlink Watch

For Website Traffic & Analytics: Google Analytics, Siteoscope

For Keyword Ranking: SERPs Free Keyword Rank Checker, Siteoscope – Keyword Rank Tracker

For Site Speed: Pingdom Speed Tool

For Sitemap.xml Creation: (Indexing is Free up to 500 pages)

Conversion Optimization

Optimizing for conversions is one thing that a lot of website owners fail at. If you knew what pages converted the best it would be a lot easier to optimize that specific page and give that to users. There are many things to be done to get the most conversions here are some of those.

1. Reduce Form Fields

2. Use Contrasting Colors for Call-to-action Buttons

3. Test Your Buttons (A/B Testing) – read more about button color and A/B testing.

4. Give Users what they’re Looking for

5. Improve Your User Experience – read more about ways to improve User Experience.

Those are just some of the things that you need to do to have better a better conversion rate. Now there are many different tools for stuff like this but I recently came across a specific tool that is perfect for recognizing top converting pages and you can easily give those pages to your users! Yeah, you can use Google Analytics and a bunch of other tools to study every aspect of each page to determine which and what needs optimized, but it takes a tremendous amount of time.

I have seen a number of big websites using this tool and I am currently using it for one of my sites and I’ve been seeing some great results. With this tool you can easily increase your sales and get those customers you’ve been looking for. is definitely a tool that I can recommend to digital marketing people. It’s an automated conversion optimization tool that has some great features and works really well with any website.

Tools for SEO - Payboard Conversions

I am not working with Payboard but I am a user and I am only recommending it because of its great features and the results that it gives. 

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