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SEO Tips for 2014

Top SEO Tips for 2014.

Have you ever wondered what tips are the best out of all the ones floating around on the internet? Have you ever searched for tips on something, then wondered which ones really work and are legit? Have you ever wondered why even in the middle of the year people are still posting on SEO tips for 2014? Well, it is mainly because SEO is constantly changing and people want others to be up-to-date on important things such as this.

So what are the top SEO Tips for 2014? Here they are:

  • Google+ Authorship – Make sure that your page has been verified for Google+ Authorship. This is important because will help you get noticed. You will have to make sure that your Google+ Profile has an image, make sure that your byline name is the same with the name of your Google+ Profile and make sure that it is verified for Google+ Authorship.
  • SEO Friendly URLs – When you’re creating a site, make sure that your URLs are SEO friendly, because you don’t want a URL looking like this “” but something like this “”. This is a very important tip that everyone should take seriously because it will affect your SEO.
  • NAP – Make sure that wherever you list your business, make sure that your NAP is the same on all of the directories. That means that your Name, Address, Phone Number and other important business information should be the same on all directories as it is listed on your website.
  • Quality Content – Some people think that you have to stuff your content with keywords in order to get your page ranked on Google, but that is not the case. A friend of mine said that “Content is Always King”. You do not want to stuff your content with too many keywords because this will be flagged as spam. Now I am not saying that you cannot have your keywords in your content, because you should, what I am saying is that you shouldn’t have too many keywords. Your content should be well written with the perfect balance of your keyword.
  • Mobile Friendly Website – With technology moving up all the time and approx. 65% of people using their mobile devices to search the internet, you better make sure that your website is mobile friendly and that users can easily scan through your site without any problems.
  • Page Speed – Not only do you need to have a mobile friendly site, but you also need to make sure that your website is user-friendly in terms of page speed. You can test your site with the Google PageSpeed Insights tester and see how your site is doing. It might take a few updates to get your site up to 100/100 for speed but it is worth while.
  • SEO Tools – There are a lot of really nice SEO tools that will help you with your on-site optimization, some of them may cost a load of money, but in the end these will be a great advantage to you and your website. I personally take advantage in using the Google SEO Tools, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, these are just 2 of the many that I love to use. Check out the SEO Tools page for posts on SEO Tools to take advantage of.

So those are the top SEO Tips of 2014 that I believe are very important to apply on your website for better SEO results. If you would like to add to this list of top SEO Tips for 2014, contact me.

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