SEO Hero: The Cause and The Mission

How long to read this? About 1 minute.

The SEO Hero Challenge is the brainchild of WIX, a web development company. The idea is simple: SEO professionals from anywhere around the world can create a website about how members of the SEO industry can be heroes. The site that ranks highest on average for the search term “SEO Hero” at 12:00PM ET and 20:00PM ET each day from March 13 to 15, 2017 will be declared the winner.

The Cause

The war in Syria began from a peaceful uprising in 2011. From then, it has escalated into a conflict that, according to the United Nations, has killed at least 250,000 people and displaced 4.8

million civilians as the world watches on from social media and other online channels. We are updated of the latest news about the conflict as they happen and yet so many feel powerless to help.

The Mission

In the truest spirit of “SEO Hero”, we intend to band SEO and other online professionals from all over the world together in an effort to win the WIX SEO Hero Challenge.

Read More about SEO Hero and the goal of this challenge.

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