SEO As A Career

SEO As A Career

SEO as a Career

Years back, not too many were confident with the idea of shifting to a career in SEO. But today, and the past couple of years, there’s been a huge rise in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry and so more and more people are making it their career. On the other hand, many are wondering what SEO is all about, how it works and some have even asked if SEO as a career is stable and if it will be needed in the next 5-10 years.

One thing you have to understand, if SEO is your career, is that you have to stay updated with changes and all. You don’t want to get left behind. If you get behind and aren’t up-to-date on things, you will eventually lose. Every now and then there are small updates and changes that you should be aware of. These small changes and updates are sometimes the cause of great results for some, that is why every SEO needs to be updated. There are several popular, trust-worthy, reliable blogs like MOZ, SEMrush, SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineJournal, SearchEngineWatch, Rand Fishkin and Matt Cutts; these are the blogs that you should be following.

10 reasons why I believe SEO will still be needed down the road and why it is a good choice as a career.

  1. SEO is always changing
  2. SEO is a huge industry
  3. SEO is about learning
  4. SEO is mostly, if not all, about content
  5. SEO is about user experience
  6. SEO is about skills and knowledge
  7. SEO is an amazing experience
  8. SEO is about relationships and networks
  9. SEO plays a big role in marketing
  10. SEO doesn’t get done by itself

These are just reasons why I think that SEO as a career is a wise choice and that SEO will still be needed in the next 5-10 years. SEO is always changing that is why we need to stay focused and updated. SEO is not like what it was 5 years ago, it has changed tremendously. So if you are looking to pursue a career in SEO, go for it!

Have anything to add to the 10 reasons? Comment below.

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