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Review of Siteoscope – SEO Software, Rank Tracker

Siteoscope – The All-In-One SEO Software

This review is on Siteoscope, a new SEO analytics tool packed with great features. The platform lets you track keyword rankings, social media engagement, website traffic, competitor page authority and domain authority, total number of backlinks against your competitors, website speed, areas that need fixing, visibility, and other technical SEO areas. It also has a great reporting feature that sends you daily updates on changes of keyword rankings from the previous day (if there is movement).

Keyword Tracking

I’ve personally tried a lot of keyword tracking tools, even the well-known ones, but none provides fast and accurate results quite like Siteoscope does. Back in the day, I would still track keywords manually, but thankfully, there are great tools these days that do the job of tracking for you—and Siteoscope is one of those.

Siteoscope Keyword Tracking

With it, you can track your keywords with any preferred search engine, be it global or local (,, You can track your keywords on the largest global search giant or you can easily add local locations to specific keywords. How awesome is that? The best thing is that you get real-time results! Who doesn’t like real-time results?

Competitor Tracking

There’s nothing better than being able to stay two steps ahead of competitors by knowing their rankings. Knowing is half the battle—Siteoscope makes this easy with its competitor tracking feature.

The platform allows you to spy on your competitor’s rankings for keywords you are also tracking. You can compare your keyword’s performance against theirs, so you can see the difference and optimize for better rankings if needed.

Siteoscope Competitor Keyword Tracking

You can also see other important data sets, such as page and domain authority, total number of backlinks, and total referring domains. This information is necessary for better on-site and off-site optimization and outreach, as well as for boosting traffic and sales.

Siteoscope Competitor Tracking

Analytics and Traffic Insights

Normally, you’d have to get work done on several platforms such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find certain data sets. Siteoscope does away with this by grabbing the data from the two aforementioned products by integrating the two and importing information into its dashboard. You’ll have everything you need in one convenient platform. Usually, I would have to switch from one dashboard to another to see traffic and data, but not anymore.

Siteoscope Website Analytics

Understanding web traffic is crucial to the success of campaigns and targeting efforts— Siteoscope proves to be a goldmine of data for this. You will see how much traffic you get, what they used to visit your website, how they found you, and where they visited from.

Siteoscope Geo Analytics Tracking

Social Media Analysis

I like how Siteoscope has a social media analysis feature. I sure hope that they’ll have more social networks integrated in the future, but having Facebook and Twitter data for now is already great. The software tracks the performance of posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, so you can see whether or not your strategy is working.

Siteoscope Social Stats


For Facebook, you get to see how many likes, weekly impressions, and engagements your posts and page get. All of these are sorted by gender and location, so you know who engages the most. For Twitter, it shows you the number of retweets you got, mentions, favorites, and top performing tweets. You also see the number of followers and average daily growth. All of these are nice to have in a dashboard like Siteoscope. That way, I don’t really have to open the two social media platforms just to get an update on how my social strategy is doing.

Siteoscope Social Signals

Scheduled and Instant Reporting

Everyone who does search and social marketing needs reports. The problem is that it often takes a huge amount of time to prepare such reports. With Siteoscope, you can easily create it with just a click of a button.

Siteoscope SEO Reporting

You can schedule your reports to be emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also set a custom time that you would like to receive a report, which includes everything shown on your dashboard and organized ready for printing.

Website Analysis

The features mentioned above are already good enough for me, but amazingly, there are other awesome features included as well. The website analysis function is one of those features.

Some functions include: site monitoring, which shows your website uptime; Google Search Console and Insights such as Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml and 301 Redirect as well as a daily malware check; and website speed monitoring for desktop and mobile showing you what needs to be fixed to improve page loading time.

Siteoscope Website Speed

 Siteoscope SEO Analysis

Another one is Visibility Score, which shows your visibility in the search results based on the rank of your keywords. It compares your current score with the score from previous days.

Siteoscope Visibility Score

In all, Siteoscope is a really good tool, especially for small to medium businesses. It’s perfect for tracking your progress in terms of keyword rankings, social strategy, web traffic, and competition. For a small company, you get an introductory subscription for $39/month, which allows you to track up to 150 keywords, 3 domains, and spy on 3 competitors, 3 Facebook pages, 3 Twitter accounts, and unlimited reports. That’s really a great deal considering all the things you can do with it.



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