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Using Hashtags On Social Media — September 9, 2014

Using Hashtags On Social Media

Using Hashtags on Social Media - Photo By The Insta Marketer

Why you should be Using Hashtags on Social Media.


Today people use hashtags on pretty much every post whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networking sites. If you would do some research and really see the number of people using hashtags you will find that using hashtags on social media has changed the way people post or tweet. Most people know what hashtags are and how to make them, but there are still those who don’t even know anything about them, you would probably say “it is the easiest thing ever”. read more

Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines — August 28, 2014

Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines

Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines

Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines and Staying There.


Everything is changing these days when it comes to online marketing and being on top of your competitors. Your customers are also changing when it comes to how they want to interact with businesses online and their expectations. With the constant changes by Google, the top search engine world-wide, it is getting harder to stay on top on major search engines as such. Below are some steps you should take in order for your business to get to the top and be above your competitors on major search engines. read more

Reasons for SEO — August 18, 2014
Best SEO Tools that are Free — August 2, 2014

Best SEO Tools that are Free

The Best SEO Tools

The Best SEO Tools that I have used.


Over the years, many new and effective SEO tools have taken the forefront when it comes to SEO. Since I have started practicing SEO, there have been so many changes when it comes to SEO standards and because of the ever-changing SEO standards, the SEO tools are also changing and upgrading to make out better performance reporting, keyword tracking, on-page SEO grading, competitor profiling and thus a great deal more. If you look online for the best SEO tools, you will see that there are so many out there that are free and give great results, on the other hand, there are as well a great deal of good SEO tools that cost a quite a bit of money. So if you are just starting out and don’t really have the money to purchase all the necessary SEO tools, there are still a lot of good SEO tools that are free. Here are some of the best SEO tools that just happen to be free. read more

SEO Tips for 2014 — July 26, 2014

SEO Tips for 2014

SEO Tips for 2014, Reasons for SEO

Top SEO Tips for 2014.


Have you ever wondered what tips are the best out of all the ones floating around on the internet? Have you ever searched for tips on something, then wondered which ones really work and are legit? Have you ever wondered why even in the middle of the year people are still posting on SEO tips for 2014? Well, it is mainly because SEO is constantly changing and people want others to be up-to-date on important things such as this. read more