Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition 2018 - Matt W. Moore

My Take on Cognac and My Favourite Cognac Brand

To be very honest, I have been writing drafts with different approaches around this but didn’t feel that any of them ‘worked’. After many attempts, I’ve finally come up with a one that is worth publishing.

You see, I’ve had a pretty good variety of different whiskey, rum, bourbon, beer, and wine. I wanted something on my shelf that had a purpose. Something that I could have after a stressful day, something that would relax me while reading or writing an article, something that would do what other drinks didn’t – make me genuinely happy while drinking and feeling even better after.

I discovered Cognac the right way, meaning I didn’t discover it at a bar in a mixed drink or while getting wasted. I discovered it just as it is and (personal opinion) in it’s the best form – smooth and neat.

Tip: Looking to get wasted? I don’t suggest buying a Cognac. Just get a cheap rum or bourbon and it’ll get the job done for you.

Now, there are many different ways to drink Cognac, my personal favorites are (1) Neat (2) Subzero and (3) Sidecar. If you really want to taste all of the aromatics of a Cognac, I suggest having it neat.

I won’t get into the details of how to drink Cognac, but if you’re really interested, there are many articles on the web that will give pretty good insights and tips.

For those who like having a nice glass of Scotch Whisky like Glenfiddich, Auchentoshan, Balvenie, or other quality brands, you’ll probably like Cognac more than you think. If you like having a glass after a long day at the office before or after dinner or just to enjoy it, change one of those days to a Cognac and you’ll most likely make it a habit.

(2 of my personal favorites)

I personally like VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) which is pretty good and mid-range in terms of price. If you want something with a bit more quality go for an XO (Extra Old), you won’t regret it.

Drinking Cognac isn’t the same as drinking a beer, whisky, rum or wine. Cognac has a large variety of aromas, which makes it fun and appealing. I won’t give up my Scotch Whisky but Cognac is a good alternative.

Here’s where I mention my favorite brand ?.

Out of the different Cognacs I’ve tasted, I personally love Rémy Martin. If there’s none around I would probably just go for a Hennessy. My personal favorite is the Rémy Martin VSOP (below is the 2018 limited edition bottle).

Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition 2018 - Matt W. Moore

If you’re in the Philippines, you can buy Rémy Martin at many of the popular stores such as Rustan’s, SM, and S&R. They’re also available online through honestbee.ph, Boozy.ph, and Manila-Wine.com, among others. Other brands like Hennessy and Martell are usually available at the same places and are also available online at SingleMalt.ph.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Cognac has good health benefits?! Go get yours today.

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