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Best Keyword Tracking Software

Top Keyword Tracking Software Platforms for SEOs and Website Owners

Back in the day SEOs would have to manually track keyword rankings in Google but nowadays there are so many different keyword tracking software platforms that it’s getting harder and harder to choose the right one. Here are some of the top keyword tracking software platforms that I would recommend.

1. SiteoScope

SiteoScope Keyword Tracking Software

2. MOZ Pro

MOZ Pro Keyword Tracking Software

3. Authority Labs

Authority Labs Keyword Tracking Software

4. Link Assistant

Link Assistant Keyword Tracking Software

I do like trying different platforms. If you would like to suggest a tracking software for me to use and try out let me know.

I have used MOZ Pro but it is kind of expensive compared to other keyword tracking software. Authority Labs is cheaper than MOZ but has fewer features compared to it. Link Assistant is also a little expensive but is a good platform as well. So if you are looking a cheaper alternative to MOZ for tracking your keywords daily I would really recommend SiteoScope. It is fairly and reasonably cheap and has quite a bit of other features that are really helpful for SEOs and website owners. It also has daily ranking reports to see the change in your rankings.

(I am currently using SiteoScope and have been happy with the results I’ve been getting.)

Those are some of the best platforms to use. If you are a small business or a website owner I really recommend SiteoScope and they currently have a free 30-day trial so Sign-up today!

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