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Google Webmaster Tools Search Impact (Alpha) Report

If there is one thing that I love about Google it’s that they always come up with ways to improve the features on their products/dashboards such as Webmaster Tools.

A couple of weeks ago they had a form that webmasters could fill out to be invited to test and use the Search Impact feature that they would be launching for the Google Webmaster Tools. During the week that selected webmasters have access to this new feature, they can use it like they would use the Search Queries report. At the end of the week Google said that they will send a feedback form for webmasters to give feedback on the Search Impact feature and suggestions that they may have.

This Search Impact report is something that I am totally looking forward because it will give us deeper results compared to the present Search Queries report. The new report is going to have different dimensions such as; date, queries, devices, countries, pages, and Google search property. In these dimensions you can filter and compare the results to have a better and broader view of things. It is in the testing stage so some things may change over this stage going into the actual report once live for all users.

The good thing is that I was invited to use the new Search Impact report so below are images of the actual dashboard.

New Google Search Impact Dates New Google Search Impact Dates Comparison New Google Search Impact Queries New Google Search Impact Queries Filter New Google Search Impact Queries Filter New Google Search Impact Pages New Google Search Impact Countries New Google Search Impact DevicesNew Google Search Impact Search Dimension

As you can above, the Search dimension says that there is an error for that specific functionality and that it is currently not supported – this hopefully will be working in the near future so we can see how it works.

As of right now, I can say that this new feature looks like something that will be very useful and helpful to many webmasters. I know for a fact that it will be something that many, if not all, will be using.

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  1. Thank you for the great explanation of the new interface of Google webmasters tools. I am just getting more familiar with it and your post was very helpful for me!

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