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Google is Testing the Smartphone Icon Again

Google is Testing the Smartphone Icon Again!

Google just starting showing the smartphone mobile icon on search results when you search on your mobile phone. Google is testing the smartphone icon again and you will see this one certain search results (those which are mobile friendly).

The other day I was doing a search on my Samsung smartphone with Google Chrome and noticed that it was there so I took a screenshot, here it is.

Google is Testing the Smartphone Icon Again


Today I did another search on the same thing and it is no longer appearing beside the search results.

 (Image Removed)

If you would notice that the mobile smartphone icon is no longer there. I remember Google having something similar to this before, I think it was back in 2012 sometime. If Google will have this for good on search results I will be one happy camper, because I cannot stand visiting a site where you have to zoom in or out to view the content. It will save me time knowing that the site is mobile friendly before I even visit the site. Because I love opening a site on my phone and it being mobile friendly, so let’s just hope Google will finally keep that there.


So I have been doing a search on my mobile smartphone for the past couple of days and it seems that Google still has the mobile smartphone icon that appears beside mobile friendly sites. Again, I hope that they keep this here for good.


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