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Google is Testing the Not Mobile Friendly Icon.

A few weeks ago we saw Google bring back the mobile smartphone icon back for testing on search results. This is to tell users whether or not a site is mobile-friendly. Recently Google started testing the not mobile friendly icon that appears on mobile smartphone search results. A couple of Twitter users posted screenshots of what it looks like.


From @malcolmcoles

Not Mobile Friendly Icon - Photo by: @malcolmcoles


From @sandyallenphoto

Not Mobile Friendly Icon - Photo by: @sandyallenphoto

Google has not yet said whether or not they will be using the “mobile friendly icon” or the “not mobile friendly icon”. We are still waiting for the final say on which they will be using, which would you prefer to see?

Google has been doing a lot of updating and improving some things and I am impressed and happy that they are always ahead on things. Keep it up Google!

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