Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines

Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines

Getting to the Top on Major Search Engines and Staying There.

Everything is changing these days when it comes to online marketing and being on top of your competitors. Your customers are also changing when it comes to how they want to interact with businesses online and their expectations. With the constant changes by Google, the top search engine world-wide, it is getting harder to stay on top on major search engines as such. Below are some steps you should take in order for your business to get to the top and be above your competitors on major search engines.

1. Check your Site Health

It is always best to have a perfectly healthy site, make sure that your site is healthy by checking the following:

Check your Meta Tags and make sure that there are no duplicates

Check your Page content and make sure there’s no duplicate content

Check your URLs and make sure that they are Search Engine friendly

Check your Sitemap and Robots.txt

Check your Site for URL Canonicalization

2. Competitor Research and Profiling

Know your competitors by knowing more about their websites and where they get their traffic. Competitor Profiling is important because this will give you an idea on where your competitors get their customers, how they interact with them, how they are on the top on major search engines and where they get their traffic. Below are a few steps for Competitor Research and Profiling:

Link Profiling and Analysis (Get the status on links that point to their page and the quality of the links)

Keyword Research and Analysis (Research on the keywords that they target and the keywords that bring the most traffic.)

SEMrush is a good tool for this.

3. Strategy Research

After you know more about your competitors and their targeted keywords, you should then do a strategy research and write down the strategies that you see will help in getting to the top on major search engines. This would include the following, but not limited to:

A Great SEO Plan

Ad Campaigns (Google Adwords and others)

4. Implementation and Link Building

The following are recommendations and you can add to the following list. (These are not all that I do, but these are the basic)

Implement Meta Tags on all the pages of the site

Make sure that your content is according to the SEO guidelines and recommendations

Install analytics codes and webmaster codes

Rewrite URLs and redirect the old ones

White Hat Link Building

Guest Blog Posts

Submit Sites for Indexing

Make sure that your site is being crawled by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines

5. Analytics and Reporting

After you have implemented everything and your site is healthy and passes all the SEO standards and Google Guidelines you now gather the information and create reports on the progress of your site. You can use many different dashboards for this (I know there are many out there). Feel free to comment on dashboards that you find are good when it comes to analytics and reporting (aside from Google and Bing Analytics and Webmaster Tools).

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