Hootsuite Ads Recommended Promotion

Facebook Ads with the New HootSuite Ads Tool

There are many different ways to improve your website traffic, outreach and brand awareness, followers on social media and to have better engagement. Well, HootSuite has made all of that easier with their new Ad Tool. It’s so easier you don’t even have to have any experience with advertising. With a simple click you can be promoting on Facebook to get more followers!

HootSuite is a Social Media Management Tool that allows you to manage all your social profiles in one dashboard. They do have a FREE 30-day Trial for the Pro Account so if you don’t already have an account now’s the time to get one.

Here is a brief introduction on the new HootSuite Ads tool.

Step 1: Go to the Ads Tab on the Dashboard Menu

Hootsuite Ads Beta

Step 2: Select your Goal – you can choose to Reach more people, Get more followers, Drive engagement, or Increase website traffic. For this post I chose “Reach more people”.

Hootsuite Ads Goal

Step 3: Choose the Post you Want to Promote – there will be several posts that they recommend but they will have one that is the top performing post. It is based on the organic reach from when you posted it.

Hootsuite Ads Recommended Promotion

Step 4: Modify your Target and Spend – they do have a recommended amount for promoting the specific post but you can have a different amount, but it will affect your overall ad reach. Target your audience to reach the right people and the right location. Then choose how long you want the ad to be running.

Hootsuite Ads Spend and Target

Well, there it is, it’s that easy! Anyone can easily manage their own Facebook Advertising with HootSuite. Try it out today!

Below is a video by HootSuite on the new Ads Tool.

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