Danny MacAskill: Drop and Roll Tour Philippines

If you’re a biker or just a bike fan, you’ve probably heard of Danny MacAskill. He’s quite likely the most famous or well-known biker in the world. In 2009 he had a breakthrough on Youtube and since then, he’s had a couple of videos that have garnered 49 million and 64 million views!

The Ridgedanny macaskill, the ridge

Imaginatedanny macaskill, imaginate

The Drop and Roll Tour, led by Danny MacAskill, is a professional street trials team taking to the road this summer to perform at events all over Europe. In the team are, Duncan Shaw, Ali C. and Fabio Wibmer. With these 4 professional bikers together in one team, you’ll get nothing less than the best! Bringing 4 different styles and talent into 1 show is something you can’t miss!

When I heard that the team was going to be in the Philippines, I told myself I am going no matter what. Danny MacAskill being this close is a once in a lifetime opportunity. (That means, I wouldn’t have to go to the UK to meet him.) 

Long story short, I contacted the events team to see if I could get access to Danny and his team for some interviews and they replied with the event details. Although I don’t have the professional gear and a website with thousands of views a month, I was excited when the team replied saying that I can join! I was focused on meeting these guys and seeing what they had to say about their visit and if they had any tips for aspiring trials bikers.

The Drop and Roll Tour Philippines was held at Vermosa as part of the Active Revolution event. (Great job to the host and events team!)

vermosa active revolution

Since it wasn’t that far from the house, I drove down to Vermosa and started with the task of interviewing and taking pictures of the famous Danny MacAskill and team.

Here are some photos from the interviews before the event started.

Danny MacAskill and the teamdanny macaskill and drop and roll team

drop and roll team

Myself with Danny MacAskillweslee trout and danny macaskill

Myself with Duncan Shawweslee trout and duncan shaw

Myself with Fabio Wibmerweslee trout and fabio wibmer

Ali Clarksonali c

Drop and Roll Team in Actiondrop and roll team in action

The Drop and Roll Team did an awesome job, as always. I can’t wait to see them in action again!

A tip from Ali Clarkson.

(I am still trying to recover the other tips that I was able to get from these guys.)

Cheers and happy biking!

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