Compilation of 200+ Google Ranking Factors

I usually don’t re-blog, but this blog by NorthCutt on the Google Ranking Factors is one that is helpful and interesting to read. They compiled over 200 ranking factors and labeled them as either “Likely, Concrete, Probably, Maybe, and Iffy”. With all the information on the internet about how Google ranks websites in the SERPs, this is a great piece of information to have a better view of what the ranking factors really are. Each fact has the source so you can even take a look at the source and see why one is considered.

I like how NorthCutt put it:

Real SEO knowledge doesn’t come from a random blogger, forum, or magic “get rich quick” scheme. The most trustworthy SEO knowledge only comes from three sources.

  1. Patent filings
  2. Direct statements from Google and/or their team
  3. Applying The Scientific Method

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