Content that matters

content that matters

To be honest, there are a ton of articles these days on ‘how to produce the best content’, ‘the definitive guide….’, and a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t answer the simple question “What content really matters to a customer?”. read more

SEO Hero: The Cause and The Mission

The SEO Hero Challenge is the brainchild of WIX, a web development company. The idea is simple: SEO professionals from anywhere around the world can create a website about how members of the SEO industry can be heroes. The site that ranks highest on average for the search term “SEO Hero” at 12:00PM ET and 20:00PM ET each day from March 13 to 15, 2017 will be declared the winner. read more

Compilation of 200+ Google Ranking Factors

Proper Structure Optimized Page

I usually don’t re-blog, but this blog by NorthCutt on the Google Ranking Factors is one that is helpful and interesting to read. They compiled over 200 ranking factors and labeled them as either “Likely, Concrete, Probably, Maybe, and Iffy”. With all the information on the internet about how Google ranks websites in the SERPs, this is a great piece of information to have a better view of what the ranking factors really are. Each fact has the source so you can even take a look at the source and see why one is considered. read more

Review of Siteoscope – SEO Software, Rank Tracker

Siteoscope Website Analytics

Siteoscope – The All-In-One SEO Software


This review is on Siteoscope, a new SEO analytics tool packed with great features. The platform lets you track keyword rankings, social media engagement, website traffic, competitor page authority and domain authority, total number of backlinks against your competitors, website speed, areas that need fixing, visibility, and other technical SEO areas. It also has a great reporting feature that sends you daily updates on changes of keyword rankings from the previous day (if there is movement). read more