Best SEO Practices 2015

Best SEO Practices for Implementation in 2015

Best SEO Practices that Every SEO Should Implement in 2015.

How was your year in terms of results and ROI? Did your SEO strategies work? What was your best strategy and how did it work? What do you think is going to be the priority next year? These are all questions that SEOs tend to ask at the end of each year while anticipating what will happen in the coming new year. And with the continuous Google updates there’s a lot to consider for 2015 but there are some things that need to be considered and not taken lightly, especially if you are looking to get good results. Quick reminder, a lot of the “old” practices will eventually become obsolete and other will be of less importance. I have gathered together, what I believe are, the Best SEO Practices for 2015 that every SEO should be implementing. These are what SEOs should be focusing on getting right in 2015.

1. Having a Mobile-Friendly Site that results in better User Experience

Google Mobile Friendly Label
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Google has been putting a lot of importance on mobile usability and recently rolled out the mobile-friendly search results label. This has been a big plus for users because they can automatically see if the site is mobile friendly. I know I hate having to pinch and squeeze the screen in order to even read something that’s why I’m very happy to have this appear on results. This simple label makes user experience even better.

Having a website that is optimized for mobile is going to be one of the things that Google will be looking at when it comes to ranking on mobile. Although Google said that they don’t know exactly when they will use this but they did say that you shouldn’t wait till then to optimize your site. And with the percentage of people using mobile devices to browse the internet, it’s best to have a mobile friendly site so that users will still visit your site even when they are mobile. A lot of people tend to leave the website if they are mobile and the site they visit isn’t optimized for mobile.

Google also launched the tool to test whether your site is mobile friendly or not, they will eventually has this tool available in different languages as of now it is only in English. Test your site today to see if it passes.

2. Having Relative and Trustworthy Content

Having good content is not enough these days, you need to have trustworthy content that not only shows your expertise but is authoritative. Google does use this as a ranking factor and looks at, whether or not, your site is really trustworthy, authoritative and has enough expertise. You see, in order to have a good page rank you need to make sure that your content is the King of your site. Yes, design and other elements are important but even if you have the perfect design and every SEO element is covered; if your content is lousy you will never rank. Google wants to give users real content that is relative to search terms.

My friend, Clayton Wood of TrueLogic Online Solutions recently presented about Content Marketing at a local Digital Marketing Seminar which was really good, check it out below. He expressed how content marketing has changed over the years and where we are today. In 2015, content marketing will be the key to ranking.

Slideshare from Truelogic Blog Post

3. Having Relationships Over Links

In 2014, many started this but in 2015 this is going to be one of the priorities and every SEO needs to start doing this. Black Hat SEO is dead and it’s going to be even more of a threat in 2015. SEOs need to stop trying spending a lot of time trying to get new links because it’s no longer the basis for PageRank, I’m not saying you should stop acquiring links but that you should focus more on relationships and the links will come to you. This is a big shift because for the longest time SEOs and marketers have been producing content and guest posts to get more links. Someone once said “It is all about relationships” and looking at where we are heading that statement applies to SEO in 2015.

Google is now looking at brand mentions and using that for ranking purposes. Make new friends and connections and these links will come to you. One of the things I like about using MOZ Analytics is that it notifies you when you have new web mentions. It also lets you know if your competitor has new web mentions – this is good because you can easily know who mentions them and where they get some of their links. While speaking on links and how things have changed, I noticed that Sean Si of SEO Hacker posted on the topic, Less Links Are Better and how he thinks their site achieved a PageRank 5 even without thousands of links. He discusses his assumptions and even says that it’s his idea of how Google’s PageRank system works but he may be wrong, I thought it was a good read.

4. Good Social Media Linking and Interaction

Social Media Linking and Integration
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Social Media integration will be very important in 2015. One thing you need to realize is that, Social Media is not going away. It’s always updating just as Google is but that’s good because it only means that they’re improving things to make user experience even better and easier. Linking your site to your social media pages is not enough, you need to interact with your customers through social media.

Social media is a great way to reach out to potential customers and even returning customers. Answer their questions, show them why your product is worth it, ask them what you can do to make their experience better and etc. Although Google has repeatedly said that this isn’t a ranking factor it’s still something that SEOs need to put more time into.

Make sure that your website content is shareable and that it is content that users will find useful and will share it as well. If you notice well-known sites, they post on their blog and within days, sometimes within hours, it is shared thousands of times and this draws traffic to their site. Imagine getting a huge increase in traffic because of social media shares – all because of content you created. Gather information on where most of your referrals come from and build on that, learn more on how to measure SEO success using Google Analytics data by RankingElite. By knowing more about referrals and traffic source you can build on it and improve it. Remember Social Media Channels are Search Engines, too.

5. Expanding Your ‘SEO’ Knowledge and Doing More

Being an ‘SEO’ is not just doing keyword research or link building anymore. It’s more than that, SEOs need to expand their knowledge when it comes to SEO and the things that are related to SEO. That means you need to know, not only the technical side of things, but more on content writing and marketing side of things. Learn about social media marketing and how it helps with gaining traffic and leads – this is important because some companies would rather hire someone who knows how to do more than just link building, keyword research and other basic SEO. If you know how to write, improve your writing skills, blog about different topics and then ask someone who is an expert writer to help you improve.

If you learn these things, you will benefit from them in the long run. Someone once said, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]”Don’t be happy with just the knowledge you have, expand your knowledge and continue learning.”[/inlinetweet] Don’t ever stop learning. Start expanding your knowledge and do more. Social Media and SEO have so much in common today that SEOs need to start doing more. Read the KISSmetrics blog post on 5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media and SEO, it is a great article and you will learn a lot from it.

I hope this article will help you guys and guide you as to what needs to be done next year. Comment below for any suggestions or questions.

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    1. Hi Joe!
      Are you referring to this, “Being an ‘SEO’ is not just doing keyword research or link building anymore.”?
      You should still have keywords, but being an SEO is more than just acquiring links and keyword research. A lot of people think that that is all an SEO does, which it isn’t. Before maybe but nowadays it is totally different and SEOs have a lot more to focus on like content writing, social media marketing, outreach and engagement and etc.
      Some have even already removed the title SEO and replaced it with Digital Marketer, Content Marketer, Search Marketer and etc.

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