Basic Adwords tips for Beginners

Basic AdWords Tips for Beginners

Some basic tips for those who are just starting out with Google Adwords.

These tips are just a bunch of tips put together, feel free to comment and share!

PPC Startup Checklist – Basic AdWords Tips for Beginners

First off you need to research on which keywords you are going to target.

Put these keywords in a spreadsheet to make it easier to identify how many ad groups you will have and which keywords belong to each ad group.



  • When you are setting up your campaigns make sure that everything is on pause until you are ready to launch them.
  • You need to determine what kind of campaign you are going to run:

Display Network only

Search Network only

Search with Display

Search & Display


Budgets and Bids:

  • For each campaign you need to have a daily budget
  • Set your default CPC for each ad group



  • Geographical targeting (which country, city, state are you targeting?)
  • Are you targeting all devices (pc, mobile and tablet)?

  • Are you targeting English only or is it going to be a multi-lingual campaign?

  • Set the people you are targeting


Ad Extensions: Determine what extensions you will need for your ads (

  • Site links extensions
  • Location extensions

  • Call extensions

  • App extensions

  • Review extensions

  • Call-out extensions


Keywords: Make sure that you have done your research for the keywords


Ad Groups:

  • Review the ads in each ad group
  • Review the keywords in each ad group

  • Set your default bid per ad group



  • Make sure that ads have very relevant headline
  • Create a spreadsheet with all your proposed ads and their destination URLs and display URLs

  • Make sure that your keywords are in the ads (even the display URL if possible)

  • Make sure you have Mobile-preferred ads for those ad groups wherein you are targeting mobile users

  • Make sure that the URL you are pointing users to is relevant to the ad that it is on


Website: (Landing Pages – these play an important part with the Quality Score in Adwords so you need to review your landing pages and make sure that they have the following)

  • Relevant and useful content for users.
  • Call to actions for the business/product you are offering

  • Make sure that the landing pages have the keywords in them that were used in the ad

  • Good page loading time and navigation (mobile friendly as well)


Conversions: Having ads isn’t enough you need to track your conversions

  • Set up your conversions
  • Add the tracking codes to the corresponding pages on your website

  • Make sure that your codes are placed in the proper location


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