12 Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic

How long to read this? About 3 minutes.

I recently conducted a test on how many people really search for tips on increasing organic website traffic. Yes, you can easily go to Google Keyword Planner and see how many average monthly searches there are but I wanted to see it first hand, and I did!

Google constantly tweaks their search algorithms but there are some basic foundations that you need to make sure you have in place. Once you have these in place you will see an increase in your organic search traffic.

Note: These tips do not guarantee a page one rank for your keywords, they do guarantee an increase in traffic though.

1. Have a good keyword list for targeting – don’t just have a dozen of keywords and stuff them in every page. That won’t work. Also, you should try focusing on long tail keywords throughout your site.

2. Have quality content for users – content is king. Focus on writing content that will benefit users. Don’t just write content for the search engines. Write content that answers your audience’s questions.

3. Have perfectly optimized page titles – people see the title in the search results. Be sure that what they see compels them to click on the link. Page titles should summarize the content of the page.

4. Have captivating meta descriptions – meta descriptions are also shown in the search results. Users usually read these to have a brief understanding of what the content is about. Make sure it gets them to visit your website.

5. Have the right internal linking text – I’ve noticed that a lot of people add links to text that lead users to pages that aren’t even relevant to what the linked text says. Make sure that the text is relevant to the linked page.

6. Have optimized image ALT tags – if you want to increase traffic, be sure that your images have optimized ALT tags. This will allow your images to appear in the image search results and bring traffic as well.

7. Have URL names that make sense – URL names are important. They make sense to users and search engines. Try to include your keyword in the URL. Users should be able to tell what the content is by reading the URL.

8. Have good tracking set up – everything needs to be tracked. Make sure that you set up tracking so that you can fully understand your website users and traffic. This is an area where most fail at. Measure your traffic to find areas that need to be improved.

9. Have a quality link build strategy – link building isn’t the same as it was 3 years ago. You need to have a solid link building strategy that is aligned with Google’s guidelines so that you won’t be penalized and lose traffic.

10. Have a great social media strategy – social media has a huge impact on traffic. A lot still don’t realize the importance of having a great social media strategy. If you want to increase your traffic, social media should be in your strategy.

11. Have a mobile-friendly website – Google recently rolled out an update which gives mobile users mobile friendly websites first. If you have great content but your website isn’t mobile friendly Google won’t give it to users. At the same time, if users can’t navigate through your website on mobile, you’ll lose traffic quick.

12. Have a blog with great content – blogging is probably one of the quickest ways to get an increase in traffic. If you have a blog where you publish regular, quality content Google will give that to users and they will keep coming back. Here are some tips on how to start a blog.

These 12 tips put into action will definitely bring in some pretty good organic traffic.


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5 thoughts on “12 Tips to Increase Organic Website Traffic”

  1. Very valuable information, but right now my site is only four Months old. I am new blogger and learning from other’s experience as well as my own hard work.

    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  2. Great tips. I think there’s a lot of work to do on my website to increase my traffic and conversion. Your post is a great reference when I start working on my site. Btw, you got a tweet from me!

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