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About Me

I am essentially a simple guy who loves to sit behind a computer. I love to read and learn more about the different SEO strategies, tips, tools, techniques, web development tips and such. I have been into web design, development, SEO and SEM for a while now and I thought that it would be good to share what I have learned and what I'm continually learning about these things. I know that there are a lot of better blogs and experts out there who could give better SEO tips, SEO tutorials and SEO tools that work in this field, but I just want to share my experiences in doing SEO and what I find that works and does not.

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The more-detailed stuff

My name is Weslee Trout and I have been living in the Philippines since 2002. Our family moved here because my parents came here as missionaries and we have been living here since. I was pretty much home-schooled most of my elementary and high school years. I took up 1 semester of Marine Engineering in Ozamiz City, Mindanao, then I came to Manila to study at Asia Baptist Bible College where I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Theology. I love studying and learning more, so I took up 2 Certificate Courses with Biblical Training and Western Seminary and earned a Certificate for Foundations in Biblical Studies and for Foundations in Christian Theology. I love multimedia and, so, I went again and studied and eventually earned my Diploma in Multimedia Development and Diploma in Social Media Marketing. I may have earned these certificates but education is not all about certificates, but it's about what we learn and how we apply those things we learn.  I want to learn more so that I can also teach it to others that's why I study at every given chance. I got married in March of 2014 to the most amazing, loving, caring, and beautiful person, Claude. Did I forget to mention that we have 3 dogs?

So that is pretty much about me, if you want to grab a coffee and talk about theology, SEO, technology or anything else lemme know.

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Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Diploma in Multimedia Development

Hootsuite Certified Professional

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Google Tag Manager Fundamentals (Short Course)

Google Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals (Short Course)

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